Thursday, February 2, 2012


My fellow KONOGOMIX art collective founder, NY artist Quan Luv's recent feature introducing his brand KAFE KING shot by Alist aka Alysia Mazzella. Quan is one of the OGs of the NY underground art & fashion scene, his vision & style has influenced so many, whether people realize it or not. A true visionary, one of the dopests out there!

Here is Alysia, the director/editor of the feature, in her own words:
I caught up with Stevens Q Calixte–more popularly known as Quan Luv–to gain perspective on his original art, creativity, revolution and projects. Frequent downtowner's may know of Quan through A.L.I.E.N. (A Legion in Every Nation) a NYC unity movement, in addition, he has dreamed into existence a multitude of projects. Kafé King is a traveling art exhibit joining artist and enthusiasts under one roof. Visions.18 is his digital sketchbook, housing the genius he randomly creates. Konogo Mix is an art collective with his close friends and fellow artists; Mega Max, Lichiban, and Lou Diamond. Art never stops for Quan, it's simply an everyday reflection. [Words/Video by Alysia Mazzella]

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