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A creative and passionate storyteller, Betty not only walks her talk, she dances it. On the soccer field, she would be a striker, leading the way to the goal with the help of her teammates.
She is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, teaching artist and mom using media as a social tool to celebrate the strength of the human spirit and her love for self-expression. Betty was born in Ecuador and came to the US at the age of nine. Her experiences growing up as an Ecuadorian immigrant in the US helps her relate to a people from all walks of life. She seeks to capture people and environments in flux, where the ever-changing landscapes give way for unique and magical moments to surface, where faith is constantly tested and most satisfied. DreamTown is her latest passion project, keeping her creative energy flowing.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Photographer, Filmmaker, & Teaching Artist
TRUE BEAUTY IS…self-expression & Liberation
BEATS…afro-beats, life-beats
TRUE SEXY IS… hmmmmm
MUSIC IS MY…soul, my healer, mi son :0)
ART DOES NOT…exclude
MY NIGHTS ARE…a peaceful melody
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…courage, confidence, sincerety
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is empowering
ENOUGH OF …injustice & inequality 
TRUE POWER IS…self-determination
TO LOVE IS TO…submit...& LIVE.

DreamTown is a documentary film that explores the lives of Afro-Ecuadorians through the lens of soccer. The project has been featured on NPR and has gotten great press reviews. It is still in production, you can find out more about it on

DreamTown is the inspiring story of three young soccer players chasing success in the face of extraordinary challenges. Entwined with their athletic dreams are the hopes of all Afro-Ecuadorians, for whom soccer is more than a sport but the means to recognition and respect they have long been denied.

DreamTown Trailer from Betty Bastidas on Vimeo.
DreamTown follows the quest of Ulises, Anibal, and Carlos—three players at different stages in their career—as they learn whether the sport they love will bring them a better tomorrow, or if their dream, like so much else in the lives of Afro-Ecuadorians, proves to be just out of reach. In their inspiring determination to reach the elite level of the sport, the three men come to realize that their true goals lay beyond the field. And it may be that the game they’ve devoted their life to is the only thing standing in their way.
Anibal: DreamTown from Betty Bastidas on Vimeo.

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