Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MixSCAN: Groundbreaking Music Technology

I've been a big advocate of creating technologies that benefit and get artists paid while keeping things free for the listeners. Pirating was never cool, but we all did it at some the spirit of sharing, it is time to cut out the middleman (like those corny virus-ridden download sites) and end the era of stealing when there is a way to support your favorite musicians (which is why I prefer to use pandora & spotify that pays licensing fee to the artists in their catalogue after each play). This project is right up in my alley.: innovation bringing DJ music to the fans and royalties to the artists-both the DJ & the original artist. Check their campaign on

In a nutshell: They've developed a patented new technology that can for the first time ever identify all of the music in a DJ mix. They then pay royalties to the artists in the mix anytime the mix is streamed. They are also introducing the world's first royalty program specifically for DJs. DJs will now get paid a royalty anytime someone plays their mixes. 

Their DJ Royalty Program will enable them to get all of the world's best DJs on board and achieve their goal to create the world's largest library of DJ mixed music - live sets, recorded mixes, brand new and archived content - for the fans to be able to access anytime and anywhere. Globally. 

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