Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ARTIST TO WATCH: Selah Says - "Concrete Jungle" [Official VIDEO]

Today I had a chance to connect with Selah Says to build on the artistic tip & possible collabos in the future, and realized after I got back home that I was completely clueless about her music projects. I've met Selah back in 2009, and though she moved away from New York, we kept up with each other's work and I was aware of her visual work, but not her music...she is on some other level, I'm her new fan. Check out more of her tracks on youtube.

In Selah's own words: This is Selah Says a.k.a. your SONIC Love MakerGet You SOME™

In this particular song, "Concrete Jungle," I reference one of my FAVORITE Artist of all-time Bob Marley. Marleys version of the song describes DESPAIR and in a way, I was I was in a state of despair when I began writing the rap to my version of the song, so his lyrics No chains on my feet, but Im not free accurately described my state of being at the time. The more I listened to Marleys version of Concrete Jungle and mulled over my own emotions, I felt the need to release in another way besides singing and rapping so I decided to use one of my other talents—beat boxing. Beat boxing is very cathartic for me and by the time I finished making this video, I felt better. 
Hip Hop is the SHIT! LOL! As for the particulars, the beat is from PHARRELL's song entitled from his solo album "In my Mind." I LOVE the Old School Wu-Tang feel to the beat. It made me want to SPIT (rap). 

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