Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where the ladies at?? FRUGALFINDS NYC - is affordable fab

I've been meaning to do a post supporting my close friend, Liz Santana, owner and bosslady of FRUGALFINDS NYC for a while. Her business selling high-end jewelry with a super affordable price tag has literally blown up on instagram within a week and once her website launched, FRUGALFINDS has become an overnight success with customers all over the globe. I can only imagine what she's got in store for the next phase of the FF NYC story. Ladies don't miss out on these deals! 
Here are some examples, visit frugalfindsnyc.com for more.
#item489 Multiple Necklace with Antique gold trim link $28.99 #frugalfindsnyc #frugalfindsnecklace

#item378 PinStripe Graffiti (shhhh, Fendi & Givenchy inspired) 4in earrings, yes 4inches!! FOR BOLD LADIES ONLY!! $15.99

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