Monday, June 24, 2013


Awesome new mix from the homie, LA-based DJ GroWeyez. #TURNItuP

DJ GroWeyez has been an all vinyl DJ around the LA scene for the past 5 or so years and has been quietly circulating through ears all around. From his work touring with DaM-FunK and Master Blazter to his recent addition to the Soundwaves Radio crew at KPFK, "Weyez" has been on a steady incline, co-producing tracks with Quelle Chris and TianaRenee.
This mix is part of a "Blender" series of "Healthy mixes for the Heart", to be followed up with "BEEtS VOL. 2", "BANANAS VOL. 3" and "NUtS VOL. 4". "tURNIPS" is a high energy blend of current hits (all remixed or blended) and obscure sounds intended to add that kick to your day. 

Look out for many more mixes and other productions from DJ GroWeyez at

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