Thursday, April 10, 2014

NYC EXHIBIT OPENS TODAY: Omnipresent: A Different View - Opening Reception at Red Bull Space

Omnipresent: A Different View - Opening Reception

Thursday, April 10 8pm Red Bull Studios (218 West 18th Street) Map it  Free

Published in print from in the US and UK from 1978-1996, Omni Magazine was a science fiction magazine founded by Kathy Keeton. Last year the magazine came back to life online, and now its subject of a weekend-long retrospective at Red Bull Studios, opening today. [source: FlavorpillProducer/DJ King Britt did a collaboration with OMNI Mag for the exhibit. Listen to it and get inspired.

All songs Produced, Engineered and Mixed by King Britt
Written by King Britt for Cosmic Lounge Music (ASCAP)
As an Afrofuturist, I have always looked toward all things sci-fi, as a form of escapism. In my early years as a child growing up in Southwest Philly, this outlook on things made me a bit of an outcast, but helped me gravitate to like minded individuals. Luckily, going to school downtown, I discovered a whole new world of art, fashion and music in a magazine store called Popi's.
My favorite part of the store was the section with Heavy Metal, Dragon and the one that changed my life, Omni. Omni showed the future now. It was where fantasy and science intersect, where the worlds we dream about become reality.
This was a major impact on how I thought about everything, including music. I would listen to Jean Michele Jarre, Manuel Gottsching and Brian Eno, while reading. This music was the soundtrack for the magazine and the images changed the way I listen to mimic.
Fast forward to now. In my music collaboration with Omni, I selected a few images that I remember or spoke to me from the archives. The particular images I 'scored', influenced the sounds I decided on, the sonic direction and vision. I definitely gravitated toward images, that displayed multicultural ethnicity in a science fiction and futuristic context for my collaboration.
My favorites were photos from The Man as Art article from the June 1981 issue. Malcolm Kirk photographed many natives from a tribe in New Guinea, which are breathtaking. The article explains the different modes of dress and meaning behind different jewelry and such. The main quote from the article is "In this island society, a man's status is measured by the value of what he gives away". So I present to you Omnipresent : A Different View.
- King Britt

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